Miljenka Buljana 2, 21230 Sinj

Alka of Sinj

The Alka was created at a time when there were many similar knightly games in Europe. Today, everything is left to oblivion, only the Alka of Sinj, at the dawn of its three hundredth anniversary, is under the protection of UNESCO as a world intangible heritage.

Shortly after the magnificent and glorious victory, fully aware of its historical greatness, the people of the Cetina region established a knight game, the Alka of Sinj, as an eternal memory of their forefathers’ heroism, but also as an incentive to posterity to keep the warlike spirit of defenders against the enemies as well as the competition in generosity, honesty and work.

It is a game which through the centuries old tradition has been woven into the people of that area.

Iit has become its irrefutable factor, holder of national pride, inspiration and origin of creativity in stories, poems and songs, in paintings and in sculptures.

In recognition of promoting patriotism and preserving historical, cultural, ethnographic and other values, in 1979 the Alka of Sinj was declared, by international standards, a movable cultural monument of highest category.


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